Friday, 6 May 2011


I got round to getting my freshly scanned planet image printed today, just so i could get an idea of just how big i could blow it up, and to see what the print looks like on art paper. I got it printed up A0 and i was very happy with the results, the printers here really are amazing and the art paper makes the work look crisp and vibrant, i will definitely be printing all my finals on this paper. 

I plan to have is image as big as i can get, and i believe the printer can go 90inches wide, and pretty much inferentially long. I may even print it in 2 half's, that way i can got even bigger! I wanted to go this big as i plan to use this as a sort of set piece for the other images to go around. also so it shows off all the details in the planet, a smaller one just wouldn't have the same impact.
Here is the print out, from this i could work out how many times bigger i could blow it up without it being to pixelated. Ive tried turning this into a vector image using live trace on Illustrator, but it looses alot of details, and the hand drawn look and for those reasons i decided against it.

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