Thursday, 5 May 2011

Work in Progress meeting

Sooo today we had our work in progress with Derrick, Chris stuck around aswell, but i was gutted he couldn't stay around long enough to see my work, i really value his opinion and hes full of great ideas.  The progress meeting was a nice opportunity to see everyone's work, as there were some classmates i haven't had a chance to speak to, and therefor it was interesting to see what subjects people had chosen. The feedback was really a chance for us to discuss the ways we plan to display our final imagery at the show, and also printing methods and last minute changes. I showed the group the drawings i had done so far and talked them though the colouring process on photoshop. Everyone seemed to like my illustrations and Derrick gave me some ideas as to what i could do to with the machines if i wanted to show them in an everyday environment. He suggested i put the skyscraper looking one amongst a cityscape, and the fling one in a night sky, i did some rough sketches to see how this would look which are below. Derrick did point out that my machines do lack some form of charater, and that i the images would gain a lot if i added some to human surroundings. If i chose to create the pamphlet idea i would definitely include this type of imagery, but im scarred it may look a little out of place in conjunction with the posters i plan to make. i will do some experimentation but i just hope it isn't to time consuming, we haven't got much time left!

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