Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The last few days ive been manically photoshoping my final images with my new best friend  Mr Bamboo graphics tablet. With the sheer amount of detail in each image its become a huge and sometimes overwhelming task to add some colour. Im tried added selective colour, only adding flashes to certain areas, but it really didn't look right and it unbalanced the image. Instead ive opted for using a 2 tone effect, i did this by selecting 2 colours and mapping them to the pressure of my pen, this creates a simple but effective colour range to my images.
Im currently filling in the earth cross section which is my biggest task yet, as this image will eventually be blown up to a massive size, so colouring needs to be slightly more detailed than normal.
Screen shot from my mac. Here im playing around with the colour balance adjustments after completely filling in the image, to fine tune the colour output till im happy.

Heres some work in progress, i really  like the white parts of the background showing thought, makes the colour pop!

heres a section being coloured in.

image so far, very very very uncompleted, i plan to take it though a number of different editing processes before its done, even after its fully coloured
me mac and tablet

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