Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Sooo, Orange rooms on a quids in (every Tuesday) are going to make and sell their own shooters. I got asked to design the bottle labeling. The shot is going to be called "Knight Rider" (go on Steve knight!) so they wanted a knights helmet with some sort of knight rider car integration! spent all day today messing around. think I've come up with a pretty solid design. sould be ready by next Tuesday! look out for it!  heres a sneak peak at what I've done so far

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


new moleskin journal, and a doodle i did whilst waiting for my feedback assessment. "LIVID ROBOT"
Just had my feedback for the "my name is Norman" book i did....didn't go down as well as i wanted..
"a bit to much style over content" was one of the negative comments i got.... i need to do more sketching. well time to move on and get cracking with my final major project, got many crazy ideas. Got a new moleskin doodle book, time to start doodling!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Some work in progress....gonna see what i can do with my new Tablet



Publish Post


Hewlett did all the illustrations to create the gorillaz n shiz
Wikipedia just reminded me that the legendary illustrator Jamie Hewlett went to the same college as me back in the day. Northbrook college in Worthing was shit, i did my HND illustration there. I want Hewletts career...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New book

i recently finished a new illustrated book, called "my name is norman" heres a few pages.


Howdy! well, heres the start of my illustation blog! here i shall share with you lovely people my life and day to day expericences as an illustrator.            

Saturday, 15 January 2011


So, i have chosen to document my adventures through my FMP with the use of this blog. We had the choice of creating a diary or typed document, both to me sound awful, a typed document would feel like an essay to me, and ive never been able to keep up a diary. The ability to have your work online i think can help hugely with progression, you could potentially have the world as your audience able to give you feedback on your latest illustration conquests, as appose to, well, the couple of mates you show your "book form" diary to at Tesco . Its also a great way to gain some bonus web presence! and lets face it, in this day and age an illustrator needs as much as they can get!

Friday, 14 January 2011

About me!

hello there! My names ed, also known as Tarquin. I've been a doodler (as far as i know) as soon as i was able to get my chubby bambino mitts around a pen! I guess my passion for illustration is due to being lucky enough to be brought up in a creative family, my father is a dabbler in everything , from music, driftwood sculpture to poetry, he rocks at it all. My mother studied ceramics, and can probably draw far better than me! My older sister Emily studied fine art, and has a genius creative brain. Sister Grace who's studying at BIMM is musically gifted. And my little sister Holly is amazing with a camera! So yeah, being surrounded with creativeness has defenety helped me get where i am today with my illustration, and i only have my family to thank for that! thanks crouchers! you bunch of nutters!

i love to draw everything, but my personal passion in illustration lays in machinery. I used to be fascinated with the old cutaway annuals as a kid, and would look at them for hours and try to draw my own versions. I also loved to draw my dads bike, i guess i find something very satisfying in drawing components that link up to make a whole structure, the fascination has stuck with me ever since. Ive always drifted and explored other subjects and sometimes sticking to one for a good few years, but like a loyal pooch, machinery always manages to come back to me. I wanted to use this FMP as an opportunity to summarise what drawing machines means to me, and i hope it shows in the final images i produce.
here is my CV...its a very rough draft, but you get the idea.