Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mattias Adolfsson

I was getting some ideas for my website today, so i thought id jump onto Illustration Mundo to check out what other illustrators have come up with. i flipped thought a number a websites, clicked "line" in the style search box and then stumbled upon Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson. All i can say is WOW! (well... his website is a bit, average) This guys work is incredible, and is really similar to what I've been creating during my FMP.  Hes probably really famous, just wish someone had showed me him sooner!  He to seems to have a fascination with detailed machines, and also uses fine line ink with insane skill. What struck me the most about his work is his imagination, and the quirky, surreal and intense images he creates. His drawings have so much weight, they look nice a chunky, something i think my images lack somewhat. I may take a few pointers from Adolfsson's work, such as his use of washes to create dynamic shading, and his looser line work.   

AHHH look that detail! i could look at this for hours! i love the perspective, and also the amount of character it has (cheeky toaster and cup of tea in the back there) Im actually more than a bit jealous of this image...Mattias you bastard.

yet more amazing line, details and perspective.

i love how chunky this looks, going to try and capture this in my images.

...just amazing

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