Tuesday, 3 May 2011


last week i decided to change up my idea. After many chats with various tutors and a work in progress meeting i realised the limitations with the elements plan. To be fair the idea went a bit stale, and i was producing images that didn't really suite the theme without even realising it. In the long run i could really only produce 3-4 final images as there are only that number of elements to deal with. 

 I decided to change up my idea, to keep it fresh, but also not to waste any of the work i have produced so far. My new idea is to create a made up corporation, a company that is reconstructing the dieing world in the future. My drawings will be used as plans for a world kept alive by the machines that this corporation builds, my elemental machines will fit in nicely as a way to replace the earths vital necessities. This also opens up new and exiting ways i can think about displaying my work at the final show. I was thinking creating of a show room for my made up company, with pamphlets containing information about this new world and the machines being built. And also a series of posters showing the various different machines and how they work. My tutor Peat also suggested i could have tone of the main window in the bar-gate center, so i was thinking of blowing up one of my images to epic proportions on window vinyl, and have the posters set up inside. I could also utilise the gizmos ive collected, by scattering them around my area to make things look more authentic.

My task this week is to create a corporate identity for this made up company, with a solid logo and colour scheme, then i can apply this to my existing imagery, exciting times! Ideas for names are "R.P.E -Reconstruction Planet Earth"or "Core"?
I put my A1 earth image in the printers today for it to be scanned, it cost 20 quid but it will be worth it, and I'm exited to play around with it digitally! It could also be a strong contender for the image i choose to blow up massive for the window. 
Logo idea brainstorming

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