Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Ive spent these last weeks continuing studying mechanical forms. Ive been a busy man with my camera, photographing any mechanisms that grab my attention on my travels. I've been concentrating mostly on shape and the way parts connect to each other, from these images I've been taking elements and incorporated them into my own drawings. Here's a few pics of the things i found! 
some amazing complex inter-joining parts
got alot of nice shape ideas out of this spot sketchbook sketch.

 cog-like rounded shapes

giant wheel, press machine in the print room

a rail mechanism, i love the different parts supporting the rounded rail mount.

 Its crazy what uni chucks out these days, i was doing some casual skip dipping and i came across absolute gold mine!! I think they were clearing out the engineering department because i found some amazing surveying gizmos! 
check these guys out! they look like little robot characters, with a massive glass prism eye!
I think these were used for the measuring stuff using laser's. they have so much character! 

great shapes.
Spent a bit of time focusing in on component in this spot sketch. Again there is so many great shapes to be seen.

Here's a box i found, with some epic laser stickers on i may use it to hold my promotion materials in the final show.

My friend Alex found this, its a 1950's German calculator, incredible.

These are just a small amount of images ive collected, from these i have taken elements and put them into use in my machine drawings. I have been attempting to draw very organically, trying to steer away from too many hard lines and rigid structures, and ive put  a lot of  thought into the fluidity of the line drawings. Another way ive tried to capture this organic feel is by not outlining the complete form before i fill it in, also by drawing straight onto paper with pen, no pencil outlines. With these images i first thought about the elements i wanted to incorporates (such as wind turbines) and just started drawing with no real finish line, until i'm happy it looks complete. I think these outcomes are interesting and unpredictable, the way the image evolves  (like a tree or plant growing) gives emphasis's to the organic feel i was aiming for. Here are some of my recent outcomes, the next step is Photoshop! 
A1 drawing, with fine-liners and paint pens. Although this has an outline, the image is evolving from the middle outwards,

still not finished (will upload the final image) I this based on a cross section of a planet..... looking very Death star!

(A3,fine- liners)
(A1, fine-liners) This image i feel captures the most organic quality's, reminds me of a very complex tree branch structure.

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