Saturday, 2 April 2011


Had a quick chat with Jonny today, i was feeling at bit bored with what i was doing so he looked over my work and gave me some ideas as to what alternative directions i could take them. He told me to take a look at films such as Brazil and Blade runner (both of which i have seen but not recently) to see how the directors portrayed the future. I viewed clips to refresh my memory of the films, and both are fairly different. Jonny suggested that i could use my machines to create a altered vision of the future possibly by having the world run by these machines. He also suggested that i could add some comical value, we came up with an the idea of imagining if one of these machines were to break down, and focusing on the one man with a scanner who's task is to find the problem. All these ideas we generated were very refreshing, and its nice to know that if i do come to a dead end i could variate my idea slightly and not have the work ive done so far go to waste.
BRAZIL,  it vision on the future is a surreal one.

BRAZIL, some human integration in my project could work, somthing i must try.

BLADE RUNNER, grimy vision of the future, if i were to create my own i would make it gritty like this.

BLADE RUNNE, nice lighting in this screen shot. 

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