Friday, 4 March 2011

update baby

Self promo crit.
just as i feared... there was a bin, 2 bins in fact! but one was a friendly head witch was for the all the good stuff, the other was a standard bin where all the unlucky promos were to be placed. 
There's the pile of posted self promo's and the good and bad bins.
Heres the package i put together, it got in the good bin! they generally liked what i did, they just had issues with the production values, as it was all printed on cheapish paper and the folding was a bit dodgy. things to defo think about when sending out some final self promotions in the future.
A stamp fits nicely into on the corner there.
Had some little stickers to seal it and stop it opening in the post.
contact card
poster folds out.

lots of em!

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