Thursday, 10 March 2011


YEP, its probably about time i update what is actually going on with my FMP. These last few weeks have been a real struggle, with dips in inspiration, and consequently motivation, but now im on track with an idea that i aim to see through!

My time in the print room was a push i the right direction in terms of finding an amazing medium to work with, And Ive come up with an idea that i think will complement the method nicely. Machines and mechanisms have been predominant in the work i currently do, so i want to try and produce a body of work that will sum up that area of my illustration. I had chats with Derick who suggested some people and things to get some inspiration from, Jean Tinguely was one. Although sculpture really isn't my sort of thing, the dense and complicated structures jean creates fascinated me! It gave me some ideas towards a way i could draw machines, with high density and complex shapes.
Jean Tenguely
Ive done alot of sketchbook work, exploring moving and interjoining parts. In light of Jeans work i even raided the skips at uni and found lots of mechanical bits and bobs, and have done studies from them.

scrap bin loot!
i love this fan.

My original idea was to create a series of machines that represent the 4 elements, Earth, wind, water, and fire. The basis behind this was to reinvent something that is so naturally pure into a complete opposite, a man made structure.  Here is the first image i created, (and also used in my FMP poster), it represents the Wind element, I did this by incorporating huge turbines.   
its extremely detailed, and i think i got the right level of dense line work to create an interesting image that i am very pleased with. The image above is actually an A1 screen print, the original is in on A3 and is drawn completely free hand with fine liners. Yep!  
Here is the screen. I got the image blown up and printed on A1 tracing paper and then exposed it to the screen, the printing didn't come out so great and the black line wasn't particularity strong, so the negative image didn't come out as detailed as the original.  

I also added 3 layers of color to sit behind the black outlines, as you can see above i did this by laying acetate over a print and blocking out the colored areas. For the colors themselves i was very experimental, I chose some very bright pink purple and greens, which i think gives it a very 1980's feel, which i really like. 

(NOTE) A member of fine art organised an arts fundraiser on Monday, the theme was "Visions of the Future". They saw my work in the studio and asked me if they could exhibit these prints. i said yes of course! and they received a great response, even enquirers about sales - good times!
my work being displayed at the event
and the black and white one...


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  1. Just scrolled down and saw all this stuff- the screen prints are great and very sellable !! Didnt know about the Fine Art exhibition- brill- love the jean Tingely ( spelling ???) stuff - didnt he do drawings as well ????