Tuesday, 1 March 2011


sooo ive recently completed my self promotion project, sent it in the mail yesterday. It consists on a mini dv tape case filled with a poster and a contact card, pretty basic idea but it could be  effective and different enough to catch peoples eye if it came through their postbox.
Heres the poster, which folds into the case, ill upload the case later as my iphone has no juice!

MINI POSTER SIDE 1...crazy assed machine

MINI POSTER SIDE 2 doodle book stuff
Ive sent this to my tutor though the wonders of The Royal Mail, and its being critiqued along with the other class mates on thursday. Apparently theres some lead designer coming in, (as he gets tonnes of these through the post everyday from budding illustrators) to come and lay his JUDGMENT on what weve done... I hear theres a bin involved, i'm scared...

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