Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I decided to set myself a little day project this week, something involving Adobe after effects as i'm currently trying to train my brain how to use it. What i came up with was a cheeky animation set over live film. Its got sexy saxophones, a beach and a little smiley dude, perfect! The animation itself was done on Pencil, a free traditional animation program. I recommend to anyone who wants to dapple in  some simple animation to download this, its really easy to use and you can get sweet results!

                                            Make sure you watch it in HD if you can!

Heres the sketch the whole idea came from

In other news! me and my partner in crime Carl mallia had some good news this week, we got through to the second round of the GRT awards for a brief we entered last month. So were off to London on friday (we even get a free lunch,which i'm most excited about), wish us luck!

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