Thursday, 30 June 2011


I spent most of my day on the beach with nothing but my moleskine and a pen. There is defiantly something about working in one of these books that makes even the simplest scribble look like a work of art. Artists like  Mattias Adolfsson use these books to the max, and they look astounding! Ive set myself a task (while i try and sort myself an internship) to complete a double page a day, and maybe it will help me unleash all this mad shit that goes on in my head everyday. 

Heres just a few pages from my moleskine sketchbook (that i have named Bill Clinton...?) To see some more pages visit my new Behance account, where ive also got most of my portfolio :)   

I found a nice spot for one of my exhibition prints in my new flat, check it.

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