Monday, 20 June 2011


I was back in my home town of Shoreham-By-Sea today, tis a beautiful place! Its right next to the sea and has a river running right though. I was walking along the river today which has an amazing amount of houseboats on the banks and it gave me some inspiration for a new image.

Some of these house boats are very small, you would have to be an elf, of a bad assed pirate to be able to live on one of those. My imagination ran away with me when looking at these micro house boats, and i came up with the idea of a boat in disguise, to fool the people (like myself) who judge these tiny boats by having a mansion hidden beneath the water.

This is what ive done so far, and im currently doodling the rest of the underwater rooms that lurk in the depths and showing whats them inside with some cross sections. When the image is done ill hopefully have a website up and running, so i can show it off properly. PEACE! Tarquin.
This house boat is fooling everyone! (work in progress)

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  1. Inspired methinks from that boat we saw in the marina near Banana Wharf once!