Monday, 13 June 2011


Hello beautiful people! So my final major project at uni has come to its climatic end, the show is still up in the old Bargate Center so pop in if you can! Time to take back this blog from my university and use it to explode your brains with my creativeness!

It was somtime last week that i started to think, "what the hell am i suppose to do now ive got no tutors to give me projects!?" Its quite scary and exciting times making my own decisions on what to do next. Its time for me to hunt down those projects, even if their from my Grandma, asking me to draw her favorite brand of muesli. (its Alpen, in case you were wondering)  

Ive done one or two projects on the sidelines since i have finished uni, I was asked to produce an exciting black and white menu for the bar POP Southampton's new cocktails. So i used my doodling powers to produce this... 


DOUBLE PAGE (click to see me big!)

a really terrible picture of the menu on Pops bar top, taken on a night out (i was probably wasted when i took this) Portfolio pictures coming soon.
again, more decent pics will be taken soon for my portfolio.

They were printed a couple of weeks ago, and im pretty happy with the results. tell me what you think, and why not visit POP and try some of these badass cocktails!

These are new and exciting times, got lots of plans, including a new direction to take my design work, so watch this space mon amigos!

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