Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Ive managed to finish up creating a logo i am fairly happy with, the name i have come up with is "EARTH CODE", cheesey as it sounds i think i works well. The idea behind it is the word code, (when looked at in context with my work) will be read in the computer programming sense, so you get the idea of "the reprogramming of earth". I wanted the logo to be very simple and after playing around and looking at other logos i found that i was over complicating things. (look at my logo ideas page on previous posts) I wanted something bold and graphic, that wouldn't take the viewers eye away from the main piece too much.
I started looking at the big brand name logos, i like the text based logos slightly more that image based ones. Probably as the text itself is as rich as a picture in some cases. 
I then found some artists that really caught my eye, they use geometric shapes and simplistic colours to create bold artworks. I then though about how i could translate this into my own text based logo. The style also grabbed me as it looks some what futuristic, something could potentially compliment my imagery quite nicely.
DEVOTCHKA gouache and acrylic on paper, Morgan Blair.

THE PEAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT gouache, acrylic, ink on paper, Morgan Blair.
The images above are by Morgan Blair, as you can see he works with geometric polygon like shapes.  what i really like about his work is the way he uses shapes that pop out and fit nicely against other colours, i think this an important asset to have in a logo.

living world by Lorin Brown.
Here is another example of an artist (Lorin Brown) using geometric and isometric shapes, in this case to produce some nice text. I think it was this image in particular that pushed me towards using this kind of text as a logo, as its bold and fits amazingly within an image, although I don't plan to use my logo as involved in the actual image as in this.

So after looking at these influences i played around on photoshop and came up with my own, very simple and isometric logo design. its simple, but i added some little character touches such as having the 2 dots after the text green and blue, to represent the Earth. Overall i'm pleased with what ive come up with, and i can always tweak it if it happens to not fit in with my final imagery.
My own logo, Earth code with colour change example below.

Here i have VERY quickly slapped it on one of the devices i found and plan to use dotted around my exhibition, just to get an idea of what it looks like.

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