Monday, 16 May 2011


so, here is the end of my whirlwind blogging adventure!(for the FMP anywho) And what a ride its been! although my project is near completion, there is still 2 weeks left, and a lot can happen in 2 weeks! unfortunately i didn't manage to fully complete everything before this document hand in, so i will do my best to conclude what has happened so far, and give my best predictions of what is ahead of me.

I am a sucker for not being consistent in my level of working, with previous projects i run out of steam, and my work rate dips, rapidly in some occasions. Ive managed to surprise even myself through out the duration of the FMP, by keeping a constant and steady work flow. I think i have avoided these dips by changing up my idea fast, whenever  i have doubt or get even the slightest bit bored i have switched up the idea to keep it fresh and exciting. I did this when the elements plan went a bit stale, normally i would stick with it in the hope that i will see a new light on it eventually, but its at this point i would usually crash. It was a huge help jumping into this project by learning to screen print. I had never done this before and I think learning that process really got my creative juices flowing. I found it both challenging time consuming, but the results are very much worth it. I wish i had spent more time with silk screening but i would have needed a lot more time and practice to get the outcome to a high enough standard for potentially creating a final images. 

Im fairly happy with the direction ive taken this project, From the start i was a bit vague on my intentions. I knew i wanted to create a body of work to round up my love for drawing machines, but i wasnt sure at the start how to go about it, Hence why my proposal was so short. The elements idea came about after some serious brainstorming, and i took it to a decent level, but im extreamly glad i changed up the idea. I am aloso happy the imagery that i had created up till that point was still usable, and not wasted

We have 2 weeks left! At this moment in time i have 3 finished peices and possibly 2 more to go. I am very happy with the final outcomes i have produced so far, the process has been both fun and exciting. I have used photoshop primarily thought this project, but the use of my tablet has brought something new to the table, and i have learned a variety of new skills. It would have been good to use some more traditional methods such as paint and inks, but the photoshoped look i feel suites the subject matter.
Overall i'm very happy with how things have gone, my time management has been consistent but the stress and pressure has got to me quite  a bit on a few occasions, and the quality of work has dipped in  those areas. My number one aim was to express my infatuation for drawing machines, and i think i have achieved this with the crazy complicated structures i have drawn.
If i had more time left, i would definitely put it into applying more details into my colouring process. Although i really like the 2 tone effect i have, if it wasn't so time consuming i would use a variety of colour to try and add some more depth. I would also of liked to draw a lot more smaller machines to explore the world i have created in more detail, but these are minor things.

This year has been a rollercoaster of a ride, im full of mixed emotions, as my uni experience comes towards an end. Its been a forfilling year and this project has been incredible, it was so good to get full creative freedom. im excited to set up the show, and more importantly leave to explore the big wide world of illustration! I hope you will enjoy the work ive created!

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