Sunday, 6 February 2011


Welllll! Our FMP (Final major project) was launched! Ahhh! Its time to get working! Its Been a very busy couple of weeks, so its about time for a mega update to generally tell ya’ll what ive been up to!  

Theres that cheeky Mr Wood! doing his thang!
Wow, what a guy! This man is 81, and he’s a complete inspiration. We were lucky to get a lecture from John last week, where he talked us though the work of some of his favorite artists, who were also close friends of his. His talk was incredible; He burst into life and totally captivated me, adding comical impressions of his friend’s voices as he went. “ What would you think the postman would say?” haha! The work he showed us was impressive, especially considering the time period it was created most of it done by his pals Edward Bawden, Betty Swanic and Chris Cornford, just to name a few! His own work was brilliant as well; he loves drawing wild life, especially frogs!

I sure learnt a lot from Fig. she’s got loads of knowledge about compiling professional portfolios. I now have a decent sense of direction when it comes to putting mine together. She also spoke about the different areas popular commissions come from, such as books, magazines, web, ect.  She even shared her knowledge on  how to go about contacting potential clients. Overall a great help! 

Onwards with the FMP! so, ive slowly been raking my brains for strange and exciting ideas i can  formulate into a final plan of action! ive been keeping a sketchbook and doodling in it daily, writing notes and recording ideas and inspirations. No firm ideas have fallen into place as of yet, but something along the lines of machinery and inter-joining parts and mechanisms deeply interests me!

This past week i wanted to try something new, so ive been hitting up the print room! screen printing is something ive never got round to trying, and ive been completely sucked into the process! This week ive been spending 4-5 hours there everyday experimenting. Heres some cheeky pics of what ive been up to, learning the process was what was key here, so i drew up a very quick image to get started, and where better to start then with ducks!!
Print Room!
Quick 4 layers, ready to be exposed onto a screen

Layers compiled 

Final Outcome

I was very pleased with this outcome, being my first ever screen print! this rubbish scan doesn't do it justice as the colors are very vibrant, and the black lines crisp. Although its a lengthy process, its extremely satisfying and the results are worthwhile.  This could be a great process to concentrate on for my FMP and i has enough to  keep me engaged! 


  1. love the screen print birds Ed.........I also love this process too ......printing generally is very absorbing and surprising...would have loved to have done more.....xx

  2. I really loved my small dabble into the world of screen-printing at college. I've still got the sea and wave prints I did somewhere. Keep us posted with the FMP ideas.